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Japanese supplier designated manufacturer - two-color mold drill shell 

The first feeling of working with the injection plastic mold manufacturer SWE Plastic is professional. In the whole process of contact, they have done a lot of drawings and raw materials for analysis and comparison preparation in the early stage. The two-color mold drill shell produced in the later stage is not only attractive in appearance, high in quality, but also very textured.
The appearance and quality of the electric drill shell indirectly determines the sales volume of the electric drill, so we are very cautious when choosing the service provider. We compared hundreds of two-color mold manufacturers, and even looked for state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, etc. ideal. In the end, she chose Shenzhen SWE Plastic. First, she fancy 15 years of experience in the two-color mold industry. Second, their overall professional strength is very strong. From drawing design, production forming, inkjet printing, assembly to distribution, it is just what we need.