Spanish Customer Mobile Phone Shell Injection Mold Processing

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Spanish customer mobile phone shell injection mold processing case

After working with SWE for 3 years, almost all the mobile phone cases of our big orders are handed over to them. SHENZHEN SWE has produced more than 200,000 products for us. They not only satisfy us, but also let our customers. Satisfied, brought us a lot of customer orders. Their company is not only professional, but also more important SWE equipment, experienced, skilled, low-cost, fast shipping.
Designed and produced by SWE professional designers, the mobile phone case is beautiful in color, beautiful in appearance, strong and wearable. The ABS materials they use are not only green, but also the notebook computer case has strong impact resistance and heat resistance. It is also very helpful to solve the problem of mobile phone cooling. Choose SWE Plastic and don't worry anymore after the sale.