Details of High Quality Plastic Mold Factory to understand

The details of the high-quality “plastic mold factory” you have to understand – SWE Plastic

The correct use and maintenance of molds by plastic mold factory is also an important factor to improve the quality of molds. It is also a prerequisite for effective delivery of customers. What problems do you need to know when selecting suppliers?

The installation and debugging mode of the plastic mold factory should be appropriate. In the case of hot runners, the power supply wiring should be correct, the cooling water circuit should meet the design requirements, the mold is in production, the parameters of the injection molding machine, die casting machine and press should be consistent with the design requirements. and many more.

In the plastic mold factory, when the mold is used correctly, the mold needs to be regularly maintained. The guide post, guide sleeve and other parts with relative movement of the mold should be filled with lubricating oil frequently. For forging die, plastic die, die-casting die, etc. The mold should be sprayed with a lubricant or mold release agent on the surface of the formed part before each mold is formed.

The plastic mold factory carries out planned protective maintenance on the mold, and through the data processing during the maintenance process, it can prevent the problems that may occur in the production of the mold, and can also improve the maintenance work efficiency, improve the delivery of the customer’s products, and ensure Better quality.

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Post time: Mar-07-2018