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How to choose the Electric Air Freshener Dispenser, which brand of commercial air freshener is good?

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With the improvement of living standards, the Electric Air Freshener Dispenser that only existed in star-rated hotels have entered the lives of ordinary people. Households, shops, hospitals, shopping malls, and even public toilets have all used smart electrical air fresheners. Time and concentration of scent, he will work according to your settings, energy saving and environmental protection! Bringing aroma to the family and sterilizing, bringing a steady stream of visitors to the store! The following describes the use of several electric air freshener machines and the selection of aerosol dispensers.

Generally, it is like a small living room such as a living room, a restroom, or a toilet in a public place. Generally, a small commercial air freshener is used in a space of about 15 square meters. Like many on the market, it can be hung on a wall. The time is usually only day, night, or 24 hours. The concentration of the spray is usually 5, 15 or 30 minutes. It is not very smart, but there are also three working hours per day. The concentration of the scent can be sprayed once for 1-999 minutes. This way you can set it as you like.

As for the perfume, the general commercial electric air freshener uses an aerosol can, and the fragrance is evaporated quickly. The real perfume generally has the first fragrance, the middle fragrance, and the last fragrance. The first smell is the former fragrance, and the fragrance will come out after a while. Finally, the tail is fragrant, so the fragrance will last longer.

The above describes the Electric Air Freshener Dispenser function, application, usage, etc. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. Shenzhen SWE Plastic Mold is engaged in home application plastic parts more than 15 years, providing long-term supply of aerosol dispensers to walmart, a world-renowned retail company. In addition to the air freshener dispenser, there are also vacuum cleaner plastic cover, mop injection plastic shell and so on. SWE has produced more than 100 projects and has a long-term partnership with us at 98%. SHENZHEN SWE Plastic Mold Trustworthy quality, honest action, will win everyone’s trust in SWE Plastic Mold.

Post time: Jan-24-2019