How to control injection molding machine in plastic injection molding

How to control the injection molding machine in plastic injection molded? How to guide quality?

1. For example, the product size suddenly becomes larger and smaller.

Analysis of the reasons: the replacement of the material, the appearance of the product after refueling will not be easy, let you find significant changes. The size of the product has changed because the properties of each material do not match the fluidity and flow time.

Improvement measures: All materials must be processed by the customer and confirmed by the customer after they have been replaced. The refueling personnel must inform the responsibility information to the responsibility of the responsible foreman, and share information to avoid abnormalities in the product.

2. The appearance of the product has been lacking in glue and shrinkage.

Reason analysis: the machine nozzle leaks the glue, the product size becomes smaller, the appearance, the light is bright, and the glue is slowly lacking.

Improvement measures: There is a gap in the mouth of the nozzle or the assembly of the nozzle is not completely aligned to cause leakage. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to conduct an inspection once a hour to circumvent this phenomenon.

3. The flow pattern appears on the surface of the product, and the buckle is deformed well (especially for high-gloss products, especially obvious)

Under normal production, the flow pattern suddenly appears on the surface (the flow pattern is a wave-like texture.) The taste of the product also has a phenomenon of high deformation.

Analysis of the cause: the mold temperature of the mold temperature is out of control, the mold leaks, or the mold temperature machine transports water abnormally.

Improvement measures: Check the mold temperature regularly, and whether the water transport is normal.

The above is a few small cases in which the appearance, size, and structure of the product have changed without changing the molding conditions.

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Post time: Jun-21-2018