How To See The Quality Of Injection Plastic Prototype

The quality of the prototype is divided into process quality and production quality

Process quality refers to the process plan that meets the quality of qualified products; the quality of production refers to the production capacity with quality in the production process. The main factors affecting the quality of the prototype are: the use of the prototype material; the strength requirements of the prototype structural parts; the quality of the stamping material properties; the fluctuation characteristics of the material thickness; the variation range of the material; the resistance of the tensile rib; the range of the blank holder force; The choice of lubricant. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction of the master of the Shenzhen SWE plastic parts prototype factory. How to see the quality of the prototype.

In order to solve the problem of the quality of the prototype, it is necessary to do the check of the quality of the prototype from the following points:

1. In the process development stage, through the analysis of the product, it is predicted that the product may be defective in the manufacturing process, so as to develop a quality manufacturing process plan.

2. Implement standardization of production processes and standardization of production processes.

3. Establish a database and continuously summarize and optimize it; use CAE analysis software system to get the optimal solution.

4. Perfect internal management of the enterprise. The management strength of the enterprise is important in the well-known, one enterprise, to have a perfect quality control system, the supervisor’s experience is very rich.

Post time: Apr-25-2018