How to use Battery Spray Electric Air Fresheners Dispenser

How to use Battery Spray Electric Air Fresheners Dispenser

1.Determine the installation location: The bathroom Electric Air Freshener Machines is generally installed in the place where the toilet enters the door, and the position is not easy to be too low. The installation position should be such that the adult can not reach the position;

electric air freshener dispenser

2.Punch mounting screws: Use the electric drill to punch holes and install screws at the selected installation position. Special attention is paid to the fact that the toilets usually use wall-mounted tiles. It is necessary to select the special drill bits for the holes, otherwise the tiles will be easily broken and affect the appearance;

Electric Air Freshener Machines

3.The installation of the toilet bathroom Electrical Air FreshenersElectronic Air Freshener behind the top of the shackle hole position is aligned with the wall-mounted hole-mounted screws, the Electrical Air Fresheners pull-down action, confirm that the aerosol dispenser is not securely attached;

Electrical Air Fresheners

4.Start work: install the prepared three 5th battery and 300ml Air Freshener scan, open the switch and start using.

Electronic Air Freshener

Post time: Mar-26-2019