Injection Make Plastic Molding Production Diversification

SWE Plastic Injection Make Plastic Molding Production Diversification

In Injection Plastics project, it is basically divided into static mode and dynamic mode. The sprue sleeve on the injection head side of the injection plastic mould machine is a static mold, and the static mold generally has a sprue sleeve, a back plate and a template. Generally, it is also possible to use a thicker template directly without using a backing plate. The sprue bushings are generally standard and are not recommended for special reasons unless cancelled. The use of the sprue sleeve facilitates the installation of the injection molds, the replacement is convenient, and does not need to be polished by itself.

making plastic mold (1) injection plastic parts


The current injection molding basically requires heat treatment to increase the hardness of the injection molding and improve the injection molding service life. Before the heat treatment, preliminary processing of Plastic Molding: drilling the guide post hole, return hole (moving mold), cavity hole, screw hole, gate hole (moving mold) cooling water hole, etc., milling the flow channel , cavity, some injection plastics molding should also be milled oblique guide box. Therefore, through making injection mold, a variety of different Injection Plastic Molds can be produced.

Post time: Mar-12-2019