Is your hotel using Commercial Spray Air Freshener Dispenser

Is your hotel using Commercial Spray Air Freshener Dispenser

With the improvement of living standards, Electric Air freshener Commercial, which was only available in star-rated hotels, has entered the chain of hotels, baths, hospitals, shopping malls and even public toilets with smart Commercial Air Freshener Systems, as long as the work time is set. And the concentration of the scent, he will work according to your settings, energy saving and environmental protection! Bringing aroma to the family and eliminating bacteria, bringing a steady flow of visitors to the store. Here are some of the uses of the aerosol dispenser and the choice of the Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser.

Spray Air Freshener Dispenser enhances the air quality of people’s living and working spaces, automatically purifies the air, and adds fragrance to the equipment. It can eliminate all kinds of odors in the air and can sterilize, keeping the indoor air scent constantly and harmless to the human body. The spices are made from natural plants, and the natural aromas are refreshing and refreshing.

The principle of balm and essential oil aroma is to volatilize the aroma and mask the odor with the fragrance. The aerosol dispenser sprays the active ingredients directly into the air, eliminating bacteria and mites in the air, while fragrant air, no scent and long fragrance, high environmental protection, safe to use, and high safety factor.

There are many batteries on the market that can be hung on the wall and have a light-sensing function. The time for spraying the fragrance is usually three modes: day, night, or 24 hours, and the concentration of the fragrance is generally 5, 15, or 30 minutes. Spraying such a design once, there are also three working time periods that can be set freely every day, and the spray concentration can be sprayed once at 5, 15, or 30 minutes. This way you can set it as you like.

The quality of the machine is mainly determined by the weight of the machine. The good machine uses high-end ABS environmentally friendly plastics. Some inferior scenters use pp plastic. The outer casing is thin and the plastic is brittle and affects the service life.

A high-quality Commercial Spray Air Freshener Dispenser is more convenient and quicker to use, so that guests have a good improvement in the quality of service and overall impression of the hotel. Therefore, it is more important to master the necessary method of purchasing automatic aerosol dispenser.

Post time: Mar-29-2019