Manage Plastic Molding knowledge Plastic Mold Factory Three Defenses

Plastic Molding Knowledge  Mold Factory Winter Management Plastic has “three defenses”

Injection Plastic mold knowledge – what do you need to pay attention to when managing plastics in winter? Winter is coming. In addition to people who are afraid of cold, the production process also needs to improve the knowledge of plastic molds to be able to deliver steadily. What should we pay attention to?

Mould plastic knowledge – static electricity, injection molding production site, there is no static treatment, there will be static electricity injury, manufacturers need to remove the common equipment for the machine to prepare the grounding wire, for the appearance of the mold after the mold If there is no requirement, there will be partial accumulation. If there is no anti-static, the employee will be charged. Safety production is not a problem, and small details are safe.

Plastic molding knowledge – bending test should be strengthened, summer products and winter products, the same conditions of production, test at different times, there will be different effects in the test process, because winter because of temperature problems, products Rapid cooling, hardening, product toughness needs to be well guarded, to avoid the product can not be found in time.

Injection plastic mold knowledge–size control, because of the weather, the product shrinkage rate is significantly faster than the summer contraction. In this case, do the product as much as possible in the upper limit, do not take the lower limit, if the product goes to the lower limit tolerance, then shrink again, The product will be unqualified, so this needs attention.

The above is the Shenzhen SWE Plastic mold knowledge winter management plastic has three anti-static, anti-static, anti-test, anti-size small.

Post time: Jul-25-2018