Plastic Molds Process Speciality Require for Mold Plastic Process Equipment

The speciality of Plastic Molding processing requirements for Injection Plastic processing equipment

Injection Plastic Mold has its own special characteristics. These specialities are mainly:

1. Most Plastic Injection Mold Maker needs to process complex surface curved surfaces on solid metal modules. As Mold Making Plastic continues to grow in size, the module weight will also become larger and larger, and now there are dozens of them. Ton;

2. Most of the Plastic Injection Mould are rectangular or rectangular, rarely narrow and long, and the main processing amount is concentrated on the die and the punch;

3. As the requirements of Plastic Parts Products become more and more precise and complex, the processing precision of Molding Plastic is also getting higher and higher. Now many of the molds have been processed with an accuracy of ±1~2μm, and will soon develop to less than ±1μm. ;

4. As the user’s requirements for Making Plastic Mold production cycle become shorter and shorter, plastic mould processing must meet the requirements of high efficiency, fast, and certain flexibility and long-term full load without stopping.

According to the above four special characteristics, the following basic requirements are put forward for the plastic mold processing equipment:

1. The machine tool should have good rigidity and large carrying capacity suitable for the weight of the module;

2. Must have high precision and precision retention;

3. It is necessary to remove the allowance quickly and efficiently, and has high reliability to maintain continuous long-term full load operation;

4. In order to adapt to complex space surface machining, and a large amount of processing, it is required to have multi-axis linkage of the machine tool and a numerical control system with large information capacity.

5. The size of the work surface should be compatible with the outer dimensions of the mold. It should be rectangular or square and round. It should not be narrow and long, but the height direction and its stroke require a larger space.

The above only some of the basic requirements for most Moulding Plastic processing equipment, in addition to a number of special requirements. For example, machine tools for processing plastics require higher speeds, but because of the small cutting force, the machine tool can adopt a lightweight structure to reduce the cost; the research and pressure press for test molds is not required to be efficient and fast, but requires reverse rotation energy. In order to repair the mold; a large number of repetitive processing of some simple processes can be used for special planes and so on. At the same time, composite processing, flexible processing and on-line inspection are also requirements for mold processing.

Post time: Mar-22-2019