Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding is a problem to be aware of

Plastic Part Injection Mould Design Molding needs to pay attention to the following issues:

1. The number and arrangement of cavities. When plastic Mold Design completes and selects the materials used, it is necessary to consider whether to use single cavity molds or multi-cavity molds. The number of cavities should be considered: (1) Custom Plastic Pieces Batch and delivery cycle; (2) quality control requirements; (3) shape and size of molded plastics and plastic parts; (4) cost of Custom Plastic Injection Molder; (5) layout of cavity.

2. The selection of the parting surface, the parting surface should be selected in the contour of the plastic part; determine the favorable retention mode, facilitate the smooth release of the plastic parts; ensure the precision requirements of the parts; meet the appearance requirements of the plastic parts; facilitate the Plastic Mold Machining Manufacturing; is conducive to improve the exhaust effect; is conducive to lateral core pulling.

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3. The design of the gating system and the drainage system is generally composed of four parts: the main flow channel, the runner, the gate and the cold material hole. The design of the gating system is reasonable, not only for the performance, structure and size of the plastic part. Internal and external quality has a great influence on the quality, and it is also related to the utilization rate of plastic used in plastic parts, molding production efficiency, etc. The discharge system mainly excludes the air and plastic in the cavity from the heat or solidification of low molecular volatile gases, usually Four ways: (1) using the clearance gap exhaust; (2) opening the exhaust groove exhaust on the parting surface; (3) exhausting with the exhaust plug; (4) forced exhaust.

Post time: Apr-13-2019