Press This Button And The Room Changes To The Garden

Press This Button And The Room Changes To The Garden

There are always some smells that make people feel "the world is so beautiful", the cleanliness of the sea, the freshness of the grass, the sweetness of the flowers...

Do you have the smell you like?

Now there is such an artifact that you can turn your home into a garden that won't fade with a single click. From then on, every part of your life will be filled with fresh and natural aroma.

Warm, soothing, charming...

SWE aerosol dispenser seems to have a magical power that slows down the home at home. Nested into the sofa, smelling a fresh fragrance, tired of a busy day, suffering from grievances, slowly retreating under the aroma of the aroma.

Its appearance is to make your room more "home" atmosphere. Let's breathe a sense of ritual. The floral and fruity notes that are not limited by the seasons are naturally rich and not kitsch.

The environmentally friendly and harmless freshener is extracted and refined from natural plants, pure and mild. Breathing this fragrant, feeling the cold air at the tip of the nose, it also looks warm and mellow.

With the automatic aerosol dispenser turned on, you don't have to worry about anything else. It has a built-in smart chip that automatically sprays every 15 minutes, and a machine can cover about 10 m2 of space.

All-day replenishment of the room's fresh aroma, dispelling the turbidity and odor molecules produced in daily life, leaving only fresh.

If you have special needs, you can also choose manual mode. When you feel the air is turbid and smells, or you want the fragrance to be more intense, you can press it gently, the aroma will come, and the surrounding air will be refreshed.

In addition to adjusting the comforting mood, it can also increase the room style ~ friends come to play at home, maybe you will praise your taste is super good.


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The wall-mounted SWE Aerosol Dispenser can be placed in any corner you want to smell. As long as the hanging board is placed vertically on a smooth and smooth surface, the host can be easily hung.

No need to drill and nail, take care of all kinds of wall counters, and install them in different locations in the home.

Placed at the entrance, every time you go out or go home, it uses a sweet but not greasy fragrance to embrace you, a happy and happy mood for a day.

Lazy weekend, comfortable in the sofa in the living room, a cup of tea, read a favorite novel. In this way, under the siege of the aroma, relax yourself.

In the cold winter, take a hot bath in the bathroom, soaking in the refreshing flowers and fruits, like bathing in the fairyland of flowers, so that the whole body is comfortable.

It is also your pillow sleeper, sleeping on this faint aroma, and the dream is sweet.

The humanized vertical whale spray system avoids the shackles of direct sprayed faces. The collecting nozzle can spray the aroma into the mid-air, so that the aroma can be distributed high and far with the circulation of the air, reaching all corners of the room in an all-round way, and the fragrance is wider.

Its diffusing effect is farther and longer lasting than other types of fragrances.

The scented candle can burn for 3-4 hours, but the SWE automatic aerosol dispenser air freshener can continue to spray 3,000 times for 30 days to create aroma.

The high-pressure design is combined with the micro-pore nozzle to spray fine particles into the air, suspended in the air, and the fragrance remains for a long time.

Changing the spray bottle is also very simple. Say goodbye to the traditional inconvenient cover method and the messy body structure, the whole machine is smooth and natural, and the bottle is changed in one go. Every detail design makes you feel elegant.

When the power is turned on, the self-test program is turned on to ensure that it enters the normal working state; the whole process is intelligently monitored, the switch operates when the switch is closed, and the switch is turned off by default when the switch is turned off. Double detection, put a good safety level for you during use, let go of your concerns and enjoy yourself.

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Post time: Jan-28-2019