Shenzhen SWE Plastic Mold Production and Processing Environment

Shenzhen SWE Injection Plastic Mold Production and Processing Environment

SWE manufacturer has professional CNC, DME and milling machine and other equipment, the precision of the mold can reach +/- 0.02mm, the length can reach 1m. We can carry out accurate technical analysis according to the drawings or samples provided by customers or can be The professional design team personalizes the products to provide customers with fast and high-quality technical services.

Plastic Mould Workshop

The company has a metal& plastic mold department with top class facilities in hardware and software:

1.Rich experience of  tooling and part designers;

2.All kinds of advanced production equipment (eg: CNC, EDM, milling machine, grinding machine etc.)

injection molded plastic
plastic injection mold

Injection Parts Workshop

Plastic Injection department :

1. We have as many as 30 plastic injection molding machines ranged from 50T to 1000T;

2. Mainly products: plastic product for air freshener dispenser, aromatic diffuser,vacuum cleaner, auto plastic parts,electronic injection parts,medical equipment and air blower etc;

3. Common used resin : ABS,PC,PP,PCTG,PA66+GF, ABS+PC etc.

injection molding plastic
plastic injection molding

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