SWE Plastic take you to know common Injection Plastic Material

SHENZHEN SWE take you to know common Injection Plastic Parts Material


     The plastic parts marking material is a solid material obtained by a modification or a modification of a natural material, which is a molecular compound (synthetic resin): a matrix.

     The synthetic resin is a synthetic polymer which softens when heated and has a tendency to flow under the action of an external force.

     Synthetic resins determine the type and basic properties of the plastic.

 There are many classification methods for plastics. The following is a more common classification:

1. Thermoplastic:

1) General plastics such as: PE, PP, PS (GPPS HIPS), SAN (AS) ABS, etc.;

2) Special plastics such as: LCP, PEI, PPS, PSF, PAI, PVF, CPE, etc.;

3) Engineering plastics such as: PC, PA, POM, PBT, PPO, etc.;

2. Thermosetting plastic: PE, MF, EP, SI, UF, UP, etc.

mass plastic parts-1
mass plastic parts-2

      Through the introduction of so many common injection plastic parts material, SWE has more than 15 years of injection plastic experience. With sufficient strength and rich experience, we can select the best material according to customer's requirements to produce customer satisfaction injection plastic molding production.

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