What are the common problems with Injection Moulding Products

What are the common problems with Custom Molded Injection Moulding Products

1.Produce a dent

2.Plastic Molded Products lack of material

3. Produce silver streaks

4. Deformation

5. Cracks appear

6. Generate stress cracking

7. There is a mesh crack

8. Whitening

9. Fused marks

10. Produce a smudge, etc.

Plastic Injection Products Custom Plastic Products

The main solutions to the common problems of Plastic Injection Products: increase the injection pressure, extend the injection pressure holding time, reduce the barrel temperature and mold temperature, and force cooling in the place where the dent is generated. Fill the flow edge where the dent is created. When there is a narrow place on the side of the material where the dent is generated, the side is thick. The difference in thickness of the design article should be completely avoided. Ribs that are prone to dents should be as short as possible. Increase the mold temperature, increase the barrel temperature, increase the injection pressure, and add a gas escape groove (depth 0.02~0.04mm) width 5~10mm on the parting surface. Increase the gate and increase the flow edge. In the case of a large number of molds, the cavity lacks the material to expand the gate of the cavity, and the configuration of the flow edge is changed, and the gas escape pin is added to improve the mold. The finish. Avoid the difference in the thickness of the design. Add a gate to the Thickness of Injection Moulding Products to understand the use of the product. If appropriate, use a material with good fluidity. The material is completely dry. (Using high temperature and short time drying to do the effect is not good, generally drying at 85 ° C for 4 hours) to increase the mold temperature, reduce the temperature of the heating barrel, and keep the barrel injection nozzle warm. Make the flow edge thicker. Avoid the difference in the thickness of the design, and attach the gate to the thick part of the product. Fully cool and solidify (expand the cooling time chronograph) in Custom Plastic Products to increase the barrel temperature and reduce the injection pressure. The mold is cooled evenly. Avoid the difference in thickness of the product, set the gate in the place where the thickness of the product is large, and cause the warp due to the straight line, make a large R curve, and Plastic Injection Molding Product can reversibly bend the mold, increase the number of the ejector rod, and increase the stripping angle. degree.

Post time: Apr-04-2019